Monday, April 29, 2013

Previous Levi Quotes

As I begin this blog, I will let you know that there may be more than one Levi quote on this blog per day.  Some will be conversations he has with people; me, Sean, Lucy, himself, his toys etc.  This kid is funny.  Not on purpose.  But none the less.  I give you....previous Levi quotes:

"Wow Daddy, you really ARE strong!  I'm not tall enough to tee-tee that much yet!"

"Mommy!  You have to come see this poo-poo!  It's the biggest poo-poo in the world that I've ever SEEN!  You're gonna LOVE it!

"Oh Lucy, don't suck on your fingers.  You'll get butt worms."

"Lucy, if you don't believe in Santa, his reindeer won't be able to fly.  Then if we don't get any presents it will be your fault."

"Mommy did you know that on Palm Sunday Jesus rode on a donkey and people waved palm branches and shouted "Jose!  Jose!"

"When you see a plastic bag in a tree that can't come down, that's pretty funny."

"Daddy I beat you!  It's because Jesus gave me the fast running power.  If you ask Him, He will help you too!"

"Mommy, don't touch the towel on the rack because I accidentally squirted tee-tee on it. Oh, don't touch the wall or my pants either..."

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