Friday, May 3, 2013

Bathroom Humor

“I pooped a gun!  And it shoots every poo-poo in the world!”

"Mommy! Come see this! Most of my poo-poo is IN my tee-tee but one little piece is floating ON my tee-tee! Isn't that SERIOUS?!!"

"I pooped a wall! Oh that was such a BEAUTIFUL wall!"

"I pooped a mustache!"

"Look Mommy! I'm wearing a poop wipe on my head!"
"Mommy, lets count what's in the potty. There are one, two, three poo-poos that I dropped. Look! Two are sinking, and one is floating!"
"Jesus, the Lord! Help me go poo-poo!"

"My tummy still hurts. I only pooped 3 little rabbit turds."

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